Gestão de Recursos em Edifícios para Flexibilização da Potência Contratada


  • Workshop – Intelligent Buildings Management and Trusted Local Energy Markets” – ISEP, Online, 12th January 2021

The workshop ” Intelligent Buildings Management and Trusted Local Energy Markets” has been held on 12th January 2021, in online format, as part of the SAIT-FCT BeNeFICE project, together with SPET project. The presentations involved forecasting and optimization techniques for energy building management and local energy markets simulators. Check the agenda here

  • IEEE PES GTD ASIA 2019 (19-23 March)

Sérgio Ramos and João Soares attended the IEEE PES GTD ASIA 2019 Conference presenting the recent results of BeNeFICE Project 19-23 March 2019. An oral presentation was done concerning the proposed research paper, i.e. the methodology based on the knowledge discovery process to support electricity customer characterization. It also presents a Data Mining review, based on clustering and classification techniques. In the poster session, a poster was presented concerning an introduction to the linear programming optimization (LP) method and review the main works related to the scope of Smart Buildings energy resources optimization modeled as LP, with the objective to analyze different approaches taken to meet their goals.

  • Researchers from BeNeFICE teams visited Honda Research Institute (HRI) – Offenbach am Main, Germany – 26th November 2018

​The visit has been held in Honda RI premises involving researchers from HRI and 3 researchers from GECAD: Sérgio Ramos, João Soares, and Fernando Lezama. Subjects concerning the integration of EVs in the grid and computational intelligence for energy resource management in buildings were discussed. Previously, the team had the opportunity to meet HRI researchers and their work at GECCO 2017 and WCCI 2018 (last July in Rio de Janeiro).

  • BeNeFICE participates in 2019- DREAM-GO Workshop: Demand response approaches for real-time renewable energy integration – 16th and 17th of January 2019

Professor Sérgio Ramos participated in 2019 DREAM-GO Workshop, regarding demand response approaches for real-time renewable energy integration, belonging to panel: Sustainable and intelligent buildings. Check the full program of the 2019 DREAM-GO Workshop days in here

  • Kick-off – July 2018

The BeNeFICE team has met on 4th July of 2018 at 14h30 (Lisbon Time) in GECAD facilities for the kick-off of the project. The team has discussed the planning details of the several activities and proposed milestones to be achieved. The budget for the Portuguese team is around 240 mil euros, from FCT funding agency. The kick-off slides can be found here.