Coordinated ENErgy Resource manaGEment under uncerTainty considering electrIc vehiCles and demand flexibility in distribution networks – CENERGETIC

CENERGETIC is a project, proposed by GECAD/ISEP in cooperation with UNESP from Brazil that aims to address a relevant societal problem by improving the integration of renewable energy resources and electric vehicles (EVs) in smart grids. The current problem formulations for optimal energy resource management do not fully consider the uncertainties introduced by distributed energy resources, such as renewable generation and EVs. Thus, the existing solutions may lead to unexpected results if different realizations of the forecasts occur. The current project shall propose advances with new models and algorithms (including computational intelligence) that consider uncertainty for EVs and other resources and approach different time scheduling horizons. Overall, CENERGETIC should capture the interdependencies between DERs and ultimately achieve optimal operation with higher integration of renewables in the smart grid, thus leading to more economical, environmental and social benefits.

Start Date: 26th July 2018 Duration: 36 Months

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