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How to reach GECAD by subway

GECAD is located in ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto), which is located near the Hospital S. João.

Due to its location, there are many alternatives to public transport. This topic will focus on the subway in Oporto.

The subway line which reaches to the ISEP is the line D (yellow line), having as destination the station Hospital de S. João. The closest station to the ISEP is the station IPO.

If the trip is started on a station of other line (e.g., on the picture bellow the trip is started on the station Aeroporto), you must change on station Trindade to line D.

Departure Station: “Aeroporto” | Destination Station: “IPO
Change line:”Trindade” | Purple line E + Yellow line D
Trip Time: 39''
Travel Ticket: Z4


To know which destination to take, to reach the Trindade station, you should consult one of the maps available at any metro station.

Once at Trindade station, follow the signs to the line D (yellow line), with destination to Hospital de S. João.

You should exit on the IPO station, ilustrated in the picture bellow in order to reach ISEP.

Updated in 11/16/2015
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