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SEAS is distinguished with ITEA Award of Excellence 2017 Published in 07-04-2017
SEAS ITEA project, in which GECAD has played one of the most relevant roles, with the leadership one Work Package, coordination of the Portuguese Consortium and accomodation one the project pilot implementations, is distinguished with the ITEA Award of Excellence 2017.

This ITEA Award of Excellence recongnizes the high-level technical contributions provided by the semantic approach proposed by the project to enable the connection and interaction between the players involved in power and energy systems, which have resulted from true European collaboration and has provided significant results and promoted the programme and its goals.

The award will be attributed in the 2017 Digital Innovation Forum by ARTEMIS-IA & ITEA, which will be held in 10 & 11 May 2017 in Amsterdam. This international event is the industry-driven Digital innovation conference in Europe, showing R&I results and emerging challenges towards a vision of the future for and built by industry.