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Research Group on Intelligent Engineering and Computing for Advanced Innovation and Development
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GECAD is a research unit settled in the Institute of Engineering - Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP/IPP) having as mission the promotion and development of scientific research in the Knowledge and Decision Sciences domains, having Information Technologies as support. It involves 2 main areas: Intelligent Systems and Power Energy Systems. GECAD is known worldwide in its areas of research, leading some research domains.

GECAD is coordinated by Prof. Maria Goreti Carvalho Marreiros, and recognized by FCT (Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation). 50 researchers are involved in GECAD, including 20 with PhD degree. It is the largest R&D unit from the Polytechnic sub-system of Portugal.

GECAD was involved in more than 80 R&D projects (more than 20 on-going projects now) with external funding. We are one of the Portuguese R&D units with more success at this level. GECAD has a tremendous success in publications in important scientific journals; many special issues of these journals are edited by GECAD researchers.

Understanding its responsibility for the Society development, GECAD has decided to adopt a new slogan: “Intelligence for a Sustainable, Safe, and Inclusive World”. For this reason, the most recent GECAD projects are applied to areas like Energy, Transportation, Environment, Economy, Inclusion, Critical Infrastructures, Security, Information Access and new ways of Socialization.


Intelligent Systems

Decision Support Systems, Manufacturing Planning, Emotion, Argumentation, Group Decision Support, Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous Computing, Context Awareness, Intelligent Interfaces, Accessibility, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision Emotion, Knowledge-based Systems, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Social Web, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Neural Nets, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Tutoring Systems 

Power and Energy Systems

Power Systems Operation, Power Systems Control Centres support systems, Intelligent Alarm Processing, Fault Diagnosis, Service Restoration, Maintenance, Electricity and Gas Markets, Economic aspects of Energy, Renewable Sources, Distributed Generation, Virtual Power Producers  

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This research group is supported by FEDER Funds through the “Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade - COMPETE” program and by National Funds through FCT “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia” under the projects: UID/EEA/00760/2013