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Research Group on Intelligent Engineering and Computing for Advanced Innovation and Development
Strategic Goals hide
The following 12 strategic objectives have been defined by GECAD:

SO1) To envisage scientific recognition;

SO2) To make effective the research unit structuring and organization;

SO3) To improve the critical mass of the unit, namely with the PhD degree;

SO4) To be involved in more national and international R&D projects and programmes;

SO5) To create more connections with enterprises, organizations and persons;

SO6) To increase the international activity developed by the research unit;

SO7) To improve working conditions of the unit researchers;

SO8) To disseminate, promote the debate, and make the diffusion of the activities of the unit;

SO9) To involve students in research activities;

SO10) To organize relevant scientific events;

SO11) To create a culture of continuous evaluation of the research unit, their organization and structure, and their members;

SO12) To contribute for the definition of the R&D policy of ISEP/IPP and the overall High Education and Research Policy.
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This research group is supported by FEDER Funds through the “Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade - COMPETE” program and by National Funds through FCT “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia” under the projects: UID/EEA/00760/2013