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Responsible: Carlos Fernando da Silva Ramos
Name: Insurance Integrated management – Information System for supporting Insurance Activity
Acronym: GIS/SISAS
Financer Entitie: CE-PEDIP
Budget: 12000€
Start Date: 1997
Finish Date: 1998
Status: Finished

GIS/SISAS (Insurance Integrated management – Information System for supporting Insurance Activity) was supported in the aims of PEDIP Programme (EC), taking place between January/1997 and December/1998. This project involved an Information Systems company related with the area of Insurance - I2S (Informática, Sistemas e Serviços) – and another Information Systems company DIC (Desenvolvimento Informático e Consultoria). The contribution of our group in this project was related with the application of Data Mining technology in Insurance data.

Carlos Ramos was the project leader and the total budget was € 12000.

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