Project Partners



ABADA is a SME founded in 2000 focused on the development, establishment and integration of open software solutions. ABADA has a high experience in different sectors, mainly eHealth, critical infrastructures, logistic and energetic efficiency.

Our knowledge and experience include: Open software Cloud Computing Full Cloud Computing Platform (Cloud Architecture different components deployment) Cloud Applications Logical and physical security convergence eHealth Virtualization, consolidation, clustering Unix, Linux, Windows, migration, distribution and advanced support Open architectures and standards, SOA, ESB, Spring, etc. Mobile technologies and approach, RFID, NFC RDBMS both open software as owner of the art correlation Other open software solutions


ABADA has an excellent capitalization and 30% of its human resources are committed to ICT R&D project management, above the Spanish average of resources assigned to R&D.

According to ABADA's philosophy, the expertise and efforts of different partners are required for a R&D project to be successful. For that reason, ABADA always works in collaboration with enterprises or institutions specialised for each project by generating full integration models.


From a technical standpoint, ABADA has developed and also is developing projects based in the same technologies needed to carry out the present project. Following there is a brief description of some of this projects: EOLO: to develop an electric energy advanced management system by the use of a services network that allows the final consumers an optimal administration of their electrical needs in an intelligent, combined and automated way. CAAS: Advanced Centre Security Services. This service centralizes security information, makes event correlation, detect security indicents, provides a security console that let the customer define policies and risk metrics and manage incidents. Is also has a high level interface that allows to obtain security reports. A3E IndAl: to creat a technologically innovative tool to improve eneregy efficiency in industry, assessing specific parameters, such as quality of electricity, steam and cold production. To do this, we will implement a pilot to be tested in the food industry in the process of hams, allowing improvements in terms of consumption and costs. Increasing the energy efficiency of facilities and improving the cimpetitiveness of companies in general. TITAM-ie: the main objective of this project is to develop technologies for automated transport of loads in unstructured environments, both indoors and outdoors, that have the capacity to plan and automatic re-planning of routes in a secure way. Diana: development, installation and starting of a system to controlling and reducing greenhouse gases originated by traffic in highly populated cities and/or industrial areas. Registered vehicles will be equipped with a RFID advice housing environmental pollution levels generated by each running engine. The system will be completed by installing control points in strategic locations.

Therefore, ABADA has a wide experience in providing and implementing ICT solutions to eHealth sector and has several ongoing projects: OGGI: to improve the quality of care provided to patients through the implementation of an experimental prototype ICT-based tools BPM (Business Process Management), but adapted to the characteristics and needs of the specialty of hospital oncology, to facilitate monitoring and control of patient evolution, and support and simplify the daily work of medical team. Simpletext: to enable automatic text simplification for easy reading by people who need this adaptation and generate technological level, a product of support and applications that allow the use of this service. ConTraMed: to develop a solution aimed at the covering of unidose drug preparation and drug delivery through by the use of RFID technology, to let the drug and dose control and traceability. EvA: to improve patient care quality by implementing a complex event process (CEP) tool based prototype, in order to facilitate both management and control of Adverse Events (AE) in the hospitalary environment by using an alarm management system and establishing risk control plans to improve patient care. DiMEX: medical data exploitation by using a clinical decision support system aimed at early diagnosis of hematologic and lymphatic oncologycal diBaaSes.


ARMINES is a non-for-profit research organisation funded in 1967. The relationship of Armines with the engineering and management schools is governed by agreements, under the supervision of the Ministries of Industry, Defence and Equipment. In line with the nature of partnership research, the operational unit is the joint research centre managed jointly by ARMINES and its partner engineering schools where each body provides personnel, investment and operating resources according to the volume of contractual activity. With a turnover of ?48.3 million (2010), ARMINES is one of the leading French Research and Technology Organisation. ARMINES participates in this project with two research centres of MINES ParisTech, the Centre for Energy & Processes (CEP) and the Centre for Industrial Economy (CERNA) as well as with the Research Centre for Industrial Management, Systems Engineering and Information Technology (STFAY) of the Institut Fayol of Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne.


Answare is an ICT-based and ISO 9001:2000 certified SME founded in 2002 and based in Alcorcón (Madrid). The company portfolio includes the provision of ICT consultancy services, the delivery of turn-key technological-based solutions and the development of R&D projects with specialization in the following paradigms: monitoring & control, decision support, optimization, mobile applications and services and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Answare operates in international markets for a large spectrum of industrial and service sectors: AeroSpace, Defence, Security, Telecommunications, Energy and eHealth. Answare is member of the Steering Committee of NESSI (Networked European Software & Services Initiative).

Asema Electronics

Asema Electronics specializes on automation systems for energy aware homes. Asema's technology is used for communicating energy awareness to consumers, for analyzing energy use data and for automating energy savings at residential homes and offices. For the SEAS project Asema offers energy measurement capabilities, data analysis and a platform for running energy optimization algorithms and services.

Baskent Elektrik


Created in 2002, BeNomad conceives, develops and markets map software tools to optimize the management of assets and mobile resources. We provide our partners - software editors, integrators mobile device manufacturers and telematic services operators - with Software Development Kit and realtime guidande applications to make the most of GPS and map-based information. Our products allow an efficient development and quick time-to-market of real professional added-value geo-basedd applications such as professional navigation for specific business or online assets tracking.

Major international fleet management online service providers (ASP) rely on BeNomad products to operate their servicesas well as emergency medical services, call centers and fire departments with cartographic software for decision-taking and professional navigation applications. Integrated in a mobile device, the BeNomad navigation applications allow targets both professional and consumers users on an international level.

BeNomad pursues its R&D efforts through projects in partnership with research laboratories such as the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) or the INRIA to offer our customers and partners innovating products at the state of the art of location technologies.


The CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives). It is a public body established in October 1945 by General de Gaulle. A leader in research, development and innovation, the CEA mission statement has two main objectives : To become the leading technological research organization in Europe and to ensure that the nuclear deterrent remains effective in the future.

The CEA is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, defense and security, information technologies and health technologies. In each of these fields, the CEA maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building on the synergies between fundamental and technological research.

The total CEA workforce consisted of 15 867 employees. Across the whole of the CEA (including both civilian and military research), there were 1,488 PhD students and 287 post-docs.

The CEA is based in ten research centers in France, each specializing in specific fields. The laboratories are located in the Paris region, the Rhône-Alpes, the Rhône valley, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, Aquitaine, Central France and Burgundy. The CEA benefits from the strong regional identities of these laboratories and the partnerships forged with other research centers, local authorities and universities.


Founded in 1933, the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône was given the concession for operating the most powerful French river in 1934, with the aim of developing and harnessing it to fulfil three missions for the community: energy production, navigation, and supplying irrigation and other uses for agriculture.

As designer and operator of hydropower plants, dams and locks on the Rhone, CNR has also developed industrial and port sites, marinas, mooring points and leisure areas on the river.

Following the deregulation of the energy market in France (the law of 10 February 2000), it recovered its original status as independent electricity producer and entered the electricity market in April 2001.

It is the France?s second largest electricity producer and an acknowledged actor on the energy market. With its energy certified 100% renewable, CNR is committed to developing renewable energies and diversifying its methods of producing electricity. Its goals for developing generating capacity are ambitious in particular in the hydropower, wind power and solar sectors.

Its experience acquired from operating the Rhone also gives it expertise in river and hydropower engineering, services that it offers in France and abroad.

A partner of the GDF SUEZ Group, CNR places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.


Clipsol is particularly recognized for integration as a cover for its sensors, like for its most powerful solutions of solar heating of the market.

Its strong points
- its industrial engineering coupled with the flexibility of SME
- its total control of the solar sector
- its single products on the market
- integrated design and the manufacturing
- more than 300,000 m ² of sensors installed in France
- leader on the collective market with nearly 35% of market share in solar thermics

CLIPSOL devotes all its energy to the Research & the Development while taking part in important European research programs which enable him to assert a technological advance recognized in all the profession. In particular, it is within thisframework that the system of the solar heating most powerful of the European market was developed.


DEFNE designs, manufactures and markets products enabling telecom operators, VAS operators and service providers to deliver high-margin, high-revenue, value-added services, while shortening time to market and maximizing their return on investments. Established in 1996, Defne has evolved from a company providing custom voice solutions to enterprises, into a turnkey solution company in the field of telecommunications with the vast expertise accumulated in this era. Defne ranked among 500 fastest growing technology companies in EMEA by Deloitte&Touche for two consecutive years in 2006&2007. Defne is a partner of Ericsson for IVR and IN solutions.


GDF SUEZ develops its businesses (electricity, natural gas, energy and environmental services) around a model based on responsible growth to take up today?s major challenges: meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of supply, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources.

The Group provides highly efficient and innovative solutions to individuals, cities and businesses by relying on diversified gas-supply sources, flexible and low-emission power generation as well as unique expertise in four key sectors: liquefied natural gas, energy efficiency services, independent power production and environmental services.



EKE Group is a Finnish, family-owned conglomerate, whose lines of business include the construction of residential areas and business premises, leasing business premises, developing home management systems and intelligent train systems, and providing rail transport services.

The parent company of the Group is EKE-Finance Ltd, which manages the financing of the group companies and provides administrative support services for the subsidiaries.


Empower IM is an energy sector service provider and solution house. We provide energy sector information system solutions, energy market services and smart grid solutions. We are active in energy market development and enable new business models for our energy sector customers.

Our system solutions and energy market services enable energy market participants to focus their operations on providing quality competitive products while enjoying market functions provided by us in a secure cost efficient manner. Our broad expertise and customer base enables us to bring into the market new solutions that would be difficult for individual market participants to develop.

Evoleo Technologies

EVOLEO is a SME holding a multidisciplinary engineering team investing in skills related to the design of critical and complex electronic systems, embracing four areas of activity: Space, Transportation, Energy and Health. EVOLEO searches and promotes partnerships and networking with centers of knowledge and industry players, in line with its mission of providing high-end and differentiated electronic engineering solutions, seeking continuous improvement, flexibility, quality and customer oriented innovation. We aim international recognition as a technological company for leveraging partnerships, added value enhancement and sustainable growth.

Foreca Oy

Foreca Ltd is the first full-scale private weather service company in Northern Europe established in 1996. Throughout its existence, Foreca has been actively involved in many national and European R&D projects, foremost developing telematic weather services. Foreca has developed its own advanced very-high-resolution weather model and parallel computing system, weather data processing and analysing system and meteorological workstation. With this system Foreca serves customers in Finland, Europe and worldwide:TV channels, radios and newspapers, and various Internet-based weather services for national and global Internet portals, such as Microsoft’s MSN with more than 450 million users. Foreca cooperates closely with major mobile teleoperators, and has developed front line mobile weather services, often being the first in the world. In transport sector, Foreca modernized nationwide road weather services to the Finnish Road Administration. Finnish Civil Aviation Administration uses Internet weather service provided by Foreca for both passengers and pilots. Foreca has developed customized weather service for industrial users such as energy companies, construction, road maintenance and agriculture. Foreca has also been active in development aid programmes. Weather services for Mozambique were developed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.


Fortum?s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. We provide sustainable solutions that fulfil the needs for low emissions, resource-efficiency and energy security, and deliver excellent value to our shareholders. Fortum's activities cover the generation, distribution and sales of electricity and heat as well as related expert services.

Fortum?s operations focus on the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and Baltic Rim area. In the future, the integrating European and fast-growing Asian energy markets provide additional growth opportunities. In 2011, Fortum?s sales totalled EUR 6.2 billion and comparable operating profit was EUR 1.8 billion. We employ approximately 10,800 people. Fortum?s shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Electricity Solutions and Distribution Division is a leading player in the Nordic energy market, responsible for Fortum?s electricity sales, solutions and distribution activities.

Distribution owns and operates regional and distribution networks and distributes safe electricity with 99.98% reliability to a total of 1.6 million customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Estonia.

Electricity Sales and Marketing markets and sells climate neutral electricity to our 1.2 million private and business customers as well as to other electricity retailers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Our aim is to become the energy supplier of choice within the Nordic market. We offer a portfolio of products that meet the needs of our customers, and provide excellent value and customer service.

New Business develops and invests in future energy solutions, such as smart grids, smart homes, metering solutions, micro production and recharging infrastructure for electric cars in order to improve life for present and future generations.


GDF SUEZ develops its businesses (electricity, natural gas, energy and environmental services) around a model based on responsible growth to take up today’s major challenges: meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of supply, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources. The Group provides highly efficient and innovative solutions to individuals, cities and businesses by relying on diversified gas-supply sources, flexible and low-emission power generation as well as unique expertise in four key sectors: liquefied natural gas, energy efficiency services, independent power production and environmental services.


ICAM is a School of general Engineers, that develops his research through 4 laboratories: Energy, Mechanic and Materials (LE2M), Electrical Engineering and Automation (GEA), Industrial Engineering and Computing. The different teams of ICAM are used to working in close co-operation with companies and external laboratories on upstream research projects - doctoral research -, in R&D and Technology Transfer.


One of the top schools of technology in Portugal, ISEP has been pioneering education and research in Engineering since 1852.

Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, by creating and transmitting applied knowledge. As future engineers, we believe our students can produce creative solutions for present or upcoming challenges, becoming agents of global progress.

ISEP offers a wide range of programmes in different fields of Engineering. With more than 6000 students, we believe each one is unique and has the ability to excel. Our job is simply to channel their potential with the spirit of entrepreneurship, team work, out-of-box thinking and technical expertise, key competences for a successful international career.


Itron is the leading provider of energy and water resource management solutions for nearly 8,000 utilities around the world. We offer end-to-end solutions that include electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement and control technology; communications systems; software; and professional services. With more than 9,000 employees doing business in 130 countries, Itron empowers utilities to responsibly and efficiently manage energy and water resources.

Ingenieria y Control Electronico

Ingeniería y Control Electrónico S.A., INGECON, is a Spanish technology company headquartered in Zaragoza, offering ICT and electronic measurement products and services under the trademark Inycom. It has 30 years of experience and a staff of more than 70 professionals in 3 offices in Spain, 2 of them in Technology Parks.

The company R&D Department is dedicated to the development of new products and services in the fields:
- Telecommunications, IT and Next Generation Networks technologies: They provide R&D services related to open communication systems and applications, from the initial idea to the final solution, going through prototypes, development, implementation, personalization and integration.
- Energy: This group develops products for electric utilities based on open source software focused on scientific and technical applications. They provide a strong expertise especially in renewable energy research, Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency and Electricity Markets.


Our name, iNNOVA, which is derived from the word “innovate,” meaning “to make new,” symbolizes our mission to create new values for our customers by using innovative approaches and new technological means.

In line with this mission, iNNOVA IT Solutions provides solutions and services that would enable efficient usage of IT systems, which are the strongest strategic support tools in a process of change, to companies undergoing a difficult period of transformation in today's intensively competitive conditions.

iNNOVA IT Solutions aims to be a reliable business partner which facilitates the IT journey of companies; increases their acquired revenues to date and creates new values through innovative approaches in the intertwined application fields of ever-improving technologies.

iNNOVA provides consultancy, application development, technical support and training services in a wide range of fields from determining corporate information systems strategies to correct architectural construction; to fortification with backbone applications; to integrating new technological solutions required by constant change with previous investments and to operational support which will lead to the optimum functioning of systems. Our solutions in diverse fields, such as electronic payment infrastructures, electronic bill issuance and collection, corporate resource planning, operational systems, portals, corporate security and kiosk systems carry our business partners forward to e-business processes through new business models.

Deriving its strength from its work ethic and a team of experienced IT engineers, who have proven their success, iNNOVA believes that every good service it provides will come back in the form of success and determines its priorities by taking the interests of its customers into consideration.

iNNOVA, which adopts a principle of building relationships based on honesty, openness and trust, with both its customers and team, never compromises from its professionalism and ethical standards.

iNNOVA foresees the changing needs of its customers and constantly learns and works to create new products and services to meet those needs; places great emphasis on teamwork within the organizational structure and supports personal creativity on one hand, while diligently carrying out teamwork, which is the seal of quality for projects, on the other.

iNNOVA, with its professional staff of more than 700 people who are experienced in different technologies, has been providing platform-independent solutions to companies from all sectors, including the telecommunication, finance, manufacturing, public and service sectors since 1999.

iNNOVA provides its services with a staff of consultants with sector-specific expertise so that the solutions, which are developed for different sectors, can accurately meet your needs.

Institut Mines-Télécom

Institut TELECOM is a federation of prestigious French graduate research and education centres in telecommunications, known as "Grandes Ecoles", in information, communication science and technology. The members are: TELECOM ParisTech, TELECOM ParisSud and TELECOM Bretagne. The group relies on 550 full-time Faculty to educate around 4600 students, train scientists and 600 graduate students on average. TELECOM ParisSud is involved in EU projects such as MAGNET Beyond, ASK-IT, CogKnow, OLGA, SecurePhoneb and soon 4WARD in FP7. TELECOM ParisSud Faculty is active in Eureka programs through ITEA and Celtic projects such as S4All, SUMO, NUADU, ExpeShare and CAM4Home. GET-INT is member of the following NoEs: NewCom, Euro-NF, e-Photonone, ProLearn, Biosecure.

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere


Set up on "Rennes Atalante" IT science park (west of France), in 2004, by 3 founders from Wavecom company (now Sierra Wireless), KERLINK offers application services for M2M (MAchine To Machine) market. KERINK design and sell packaged solutions (devices and M2M managed services) to three main markets: public transportation, assets tracking and smart metering.

The original team was built up around software, hardware and radiofrequency engineers. The members of the team have extensive experience in the development and integration of embedded radio communication systems and WAN architecture. They come from Mobile telco company (Mitsubishi, Alcatel, Motorola, Wavecom...) .

Based on its expertise, Kerlink has three activities: designs (hardware and software) a complete range of embedded product (router, appliance, gateway, GPS beacon, telematic box...), manages a M2M network service platform to propose value-added M2M communication with enhanced QoS, and a complete remote device management (upgrade, monitoring, provisioning) Research and development, for its own needs and for third parties, with innovation focuses on specific hardware design and network topology Keywords of Kerlink's expertise are, low power consumption, WAN and LAN technology (GPRS, 3G, LTE, WIFI, WMBus, 6lowpan, 802.15.4..), Linux and Real-time OS, GPS and positioning technologies. Kerlink addresses three main industry markets with specific solutions, but based on a common technology platform. Public transportation, with telematic box in buses for real-time passenger information broadcasting, Linux tool box in car for car-sharing application, and gateway (3G/6lowpan) for bike-sharing application (wireless connected bikes) Assets tracking, with autonomous (up to 7 years) GPS beacon for container and wagon. About 7000 beacons already deployed smart metering, with gateway between LAN (WMBus, 6lowpan) and WAN (2/3G) for water, gaz, environmental sensors metering, and radio reference design (6lowpan) for water or gaz meter Kerlink's reference are leading european industrial corporation: Veolia, GDF Suez, SNCF, Orange Business Services, Telenor Traxion, SPIE, Schneider Electric...

LNL Elektrik Elektronik Bilisim ve Danismanlik Ltd. Sti.

LNL Technology is a company specialized in embedded systems, sensory systems andintelligent systems. LNL aims to bring about embedded computing with sensory systems andcommunication technologies in different applications through machine intelligence. LNL’s mainline of business is smart environments (buildings, homes, malls, industrial facilities,infrastructures etc.). LNL’s core team is comprised of experts in communication, signal andimage processing, artificial intelligence, embedded systems. LNL currently develops systems such as powerline modem, wireless modem, sensory systems, sensor fusion systems, miniaturized embedded computers systems and panel computers for intelligent buildings, infrastructures and industrial automation. Application of those products extends to environmental monitoring, agriculture systems, border security, smart grids, AMR etc. LNL’s core team is experienced in EU and national projects in the defence and civil sectors in the area of sensory systems, image and signal processing and simulation.


Planet Media is a European IT consultancy with an exclusive focus on end-to-end software development and delivery.

We are leading providers of ad-hoc mobile apps and services for smartphones and tablets.

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, the company has grown upon the trust of our customers from all over the world.

Another key factor of our growth is innovation. Our in-house development factory and our R&D department work together providing creative and innovative solutions in order to help our customers reach the technological edge that may differentiate them from competitors.

Some of our most relevant projects have been carried out in areas such as mCommerce, mBanking, mHealth, mEmergencies, and mEntertaiment.


Soltech is a Belgian company whose shareholders are the energy group Electrabel GDF SUEZ, the brick and tile producer Wienerberger, and IMEC, an independent research centre for nanoelectronics and nanotechnology. Soltech is the pioneer in the field of photovoltaic energy. The company began producing standalone photovoltaic systems as far back as 21 years ago, and more than 15 years ago Soltech entered the history books with the production of the first grid-connected roof-integrated photovoltaic installation in Belgium.

Soltech supplies both grid-connected and standalone photovoltaic systems and can provide numerous references. For example, our standalone photovoltaic modules are a common sight on parking meters and on speed limit signs in 30-km zones in various parts of Europe and North America. But that's not all. You will also find our robust modules on maritime buoys or in telecommunications systems. And specifically for developing countries we make photovoltaic modules for water pumps, refrigerators and hospitals in developing countries. Perhaps you are looking for a grid-connected installation with added aesthetic appeal? If so, our modules integrated in clay roof tiles or our semi-transparent modules may be just what you are looking for. Our semi-transparent Sol Sky module is a building component with excellent thermal, insulating and acoustic properties that generates green electricity.

Soltech designs custom photovoltaic modules for specific construction or industrial applications and supplies prototypes. If special shapes or sizes of solar cells or the solar panel are required, our engineers design prototypes that are made on specialised production lines. The testing of new materials for application in solar panels is also part of our expertise.

SimBT Inc.

Our company vision is to provide national and international science and technology based original solutions in the area of modeling, simulation and simulators, and to realize company revolution on the concept of "behaving flexible and simple as a small company, but meanwhile having the power of a big scale organization".

Our company mission is to develop the best modeling, simulation and simulator prototypes and turnkey products for Turkish and abroad customers.

Our main activity areas are: Decision Support, Engineering and Consulting; Modeling, Simulation and Simulator Systems; Geographic Information Systems; Image Generators; Artificial Intelligence Applications; Computer Graphics Applications; Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications and Multi-Media Systems.

Siveco Romania S.A.

SIVECO Romania SA is a private shareholder company, established in 1992 as a research & development division within the international group SIVECO.

During its twenty years of existence, SIVECO Romania SA has become one of the most important Romanian providers and software integrators of ERM L&M (Enterprise Resource Management License and Maintenance), eLearning, eGovernment, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms solutions and turnkey projects acting both on the internal and international markets. Moreover, SIVECO has gained a solid reputation on international markets by developing successful projects together with several international companies, collaboration that has blossomed into genuine partnership over the years.

We can provide all services on the whole life cycle of the information projects: analysis of users requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, end-users training and technical assistance, system maintenance. We have developed and currently are running some of the largest and most complex, national-wide information systems in Romania, in different domains: Education, Agriculture, Health Insurance, Customs, Nuclear, Social Security. Our staff contains over 1.000 highly educated IT specialists covering all stages of projects development: analysts, business consultants, system architects, programmers for different platforms, implementers, testers, DBAs, data analysts, accredited trainers.

SIVECO Romania SA offers a new approach in computer based education for both educational and enterprise sectors, by leveraging the power and flexibility of its eLearning solutions. Our successful references include very complex projects, as for example, the introduction of the AeL eLearning platform in the Romanian pre-university education; providing an integrated information system for large national companies, etc. Also, SIVECO has developed and implemented solutions for improving the management of the health insurance funds and for increasing the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVLC) is a Spanish public educational institution devoted to training, research and technology transfer. With an R&D activity over 52 million Euros, the UPVLC is the third Spanish university and sixth Spanish entity participating in the FP7 (funding data till April 2010). The UPVLC is currently participating approximately in 80 FP7 projects and leading 17, with around 24 million Euros of EU contribution.

One of the pillars of the social recognition enjoyed by the UPV has been and will continue to be its research capacity. Its departments, research centers, and institutes undertake applied research projects jointly with national and international bodies and companies. Research is not simply another means of educating, but is a way of maintaining direct contact with society, its reality and needs, while ensuring a permanent fine-tuning of university structures.

University of Girona

The University of Girona is a public institution devoted to excellence in teaching and research and to participating in the progress and development of society through the creation, transmission, dissemination and criticism of knowledge related to the sciences, technology, the humanities, the social sciences and the arts.

The University of Girona, deeply rooted in Catalonia and Catalan culture, is one of the primary economic and cultural motors of the region. At the same time, it pursues a vocation of universality and openness to all traditions and cultures. The University, located in the city of Girona, is a part of the Catalan public university system.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a contract research organisation involved in many international assignments. With more than 2800 employees, VTT provides a wide range of technology and applied research services for its clients, private companies, institutions and the public sector. Through creating and applying technology, VTT actively increases the competitiveness of industry and other business sectors, and thus increases the welfare of society.

Research and product development is carried out in materials, production technologies and components for companies in the fields of telecommunication, semiconductor, sensor, and information industries. VTT supports the competitiveness and product commercialisation of its clients by innovations and creation of knowledge based on its core competences. To benefit its clients, VTT also provides trial production lines as well as maintains first rate equipment. VTT creates user friendly applications and develops the required service platforms.