Energy consumption and renewable generation data of 5 aggregators – 15 minute resolution (13 bus grid)

Type: Energy consumption and renewable generation data

Period of data collection: 19-03-2019 to 25-03-2019 (15-minute 672 periods)

Resolution: 15 minutes

Network: 13-bus MV grid

Aggregator list:

  • Aggregator 1: Shopping Mall; Hospital; Fire Station
  • Aggregator 2: 15 houses
  • Aggregator 3: 7 Office buildings
  • Aggregator 4: Wind, PV
  • Aggregator 5: Slow and fast-charging stations of electric vehicles

Further data:

  • Market prices 2019 summer and winter
  • Wind generation curve

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4399670

Download: here

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