Coordinated ENErgy Resource manaGEment under uncerTainty considering electrIc vehiCles and demand flexibility in distribution networks

Workshop on Energy Flexibility in Smart Buildings and Smart Grids

On December 10th a workshop was held based on the CENERGETIC and BeNeFICE projects. This workshop took place at the premises of the School of Engineering (ISEP) of the Polytechnic of Porto, namely at GECAD – Research Group in Intelligent Engineering, and Informatics for Innovation and Advanced Development.
It occured from 9am to 5pm with several lectures on the theme, for more information about each lecture below is the speaker with the respective abstract that was presented at the workshop:

  • Bidding Strategies in Local Energy Markets – Check here
    • Dr. Fernando Lezama, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • Optimal expansion planning of smart distribution power networks: Deterministic vs Stochastic approaches – Check here
    • Dr. Bruno Canizes, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • A New Bi-Level Formulation Method for Optimal Bidding in Local Electricity Markets – Check here 
    • Dr. Zahra Forouzandeh, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • Implementation of risk-based analysis using conditional value-at-risk for a robust energy resource scheduling – Check here
    • José Almeida, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • Overview of Distribution Systems Expansion Planning Including Distributed Energy Resources – Check here 
    • Tayenne Lima, UNESP, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Probabilistic Algorithm considering Confidence Intervals Levels of Voltages for Optimal Probabilistic Grid Operation under a High Penetration of Photovoltaic Generation and Electric Vehicles – Check here
    • Luis Gustavo, UNESP, São Paulo, Brazil
  • The opportunities for EV in local energy communities – A local electricity market between prosumers and EVs – Check here
    • Ricardo Faia, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • Mathematical programming approaches for residential buildings in the BeNeFICE project – Check here 
    • Dr. Zahra Forouzandeh, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • The contribution of artificial intelligence towards smart building energy management – Check here
    • Prof. Tiago Pinto, GECAD, ISEP, Politécnico do Porto
  • Distributed Renewable Generation and local Energy Communities Regime
    • Eng. Gilberto Mariz, DGEG
  • Coordinating P2P market and distribution grid operation – Check here
    • Dr. Tiago Soares, Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science

Energy consumption and renewable generation data of 5 aggregators – 15 minute resolution (13 bus grid)

Type: Energy consumption and renewable generation data

Period of data collection: 19-03-2019 to 25-03-2019 (15-minute 672 periods)

Resolution: 15 minutes

Network: 13-bus MV grid

Aggregator list:

  • Aggregator 1: Shopping Mall; Hospital; Fire Station
  • Aggregator 2: 15 houses
  • Aggregator 3: 7 Office buildings
  • Aggregator 4: Wind, PV
  • Aggregator 5: Slow and fast-charging stations of electric vehicles

Further data:

  • Market prices 2019 summer and winter
  • Wind generation curve

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4399670

Download: here

Special Issue Editorial

Editorial Complex Optimization and Simulation in Power Systems, Complexity, 2018. Article online click here.

Survey article

Survey on complex optimization and simulation for the new power systems paradigm in Complexity2018. Download full article here

Kick-off presentation

The kick-off slides of CENERGETIC project can be downloaded: Presentation CENERGETIC-SAICT FCT 2018.