Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Power and Energy Systems

Friday, September 4th 14h – 17h30

14h – Welcome and introduction, Zita Vale

14h10 – Paper session 1 (chair: Elena Mocanu)

Impact of Population Size on the Performance of DE Based Power System Stabilizers, Komla Folly and Fa Mulumba

Knowledge Based Segmentation to Improve Accuracy and Explainability in Non-Technical Losses Detection, Albert Calvo, Bernat Coma-Puig, Josep Carmona and Marta Arias

Charge/Discharge Scheduling of Electric Vehicles and Battery Energy Storage in Smart Building: a Mix Binary Linear Programming model, Zahra Foroozandeh, Sérgio Ramos, João Soares, Zita Vale and António Gomes

15h10 – Keynote speaker: Pierluigi Siano, University of Salerno (chair: Pedro Faria)

16h10 – Paper session 2 (chair: Decebal Mocanu)

An Artificial Intelligent System for Demand Response in Neighbourhoods, Iker Esnaola-Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Diez, Dea Pujic, Marko Jelic and Nikola Tomasevic

Build Smart Grids on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence — a Real-world Example, Shutang You, Weikang Wang, Yi Cui, Hongyu Li, Shengyuan Liu, Yu Su, Yinfeng Zhao, Huangqing Xiao, Summer Fabus, He Yin, Wenxuan Yao, Kaiqi Sun, Chujie Zeng, Wenpeng Yu, Yuru Wu, Chang Chen, Mirka Mandich, Jiaojiao Dong, Lin Zhu, Haoyu Yuan, Jin Tan and Yilu Liu

Prosumers Flexibility as Support for Ancillary Services in Low Voltage Level, Ricardo Faia, Tiago Pinto, Fernando Lezama, Zita Vale, Juan Manuel Corchado and Alfonso González-Briones             

17h10 – Wrap up and closing remarks, Tiago Pinto