COntextual LOad flexibility Remuneration Strategies


WP1 ensures the effective coordination of the project, ensuring that the project objectives are achieved within the budget and the time schedule using the available resources

WP2 focuses on the markets organization study, and business models and use cases definition. WP2 activities also include the lessons learned from DR activities and studies at the project and at the global level. The achievements and updates will be summarized in COLORS white book.

WP3 addresses alternative strategies for load flexibility remuneration, considering market models and contexts of WP2. WP3 also addresses the remuneration related to DR contracts hierarchy in the same event.

WP4 will focus on conceiving DR programs and on the modeling of the consumers, supporting their participation in DR events. Already existing tools will be improved.

WP5 develops the COLORS DR platform by integrating the models resulting from previous WPs. This software platform will be developed in JAVA.

WP6 undertakes intensive and realistic simulation studies to test and validate the models and methods resulting from the project.

Start Date: 1st June 2018
Duration: 36 Months