Project Partners

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere is a technology-based company with an experience of over 20 years in Machine to Machine (M2M) «ready-to-go», solutions, from software and hardware, development to the provision of services.

We are a company specialized in two business areas - ISA Energy and ISA Oil & Gas - that offer and implement solutions and innovative services aiming toward efficiency and processes improvement in the energy, environment, gas and other fuels areas. Our internationally awarded solutions are now present in more than 20 countries on the five corners of the world.

The highly exporter side, as well as the technical and innovative quality of our solutions, has placed the company in an important competitive position, both at national and international level, having already BES, EDP, BP, Galp, PT, EPAL, Águas do Mondego, Águas de Coimbra, Centro Hospitalar de Coimbra, ANA – Aeroportos, PRIMAGAZ, BUTAGAZ, DIGAL, SANASA ou a Universidade de Aveiro, as some of its major customers.

This is ISA. A company in constant growth, with 120 employees who work daily with cutting-edge technology to take the best solutions and the services more suited to institutions, businesses and homes throughout the world.

Evoleo Technologies

EVOLEO is a SME holding a multidisciplinary engineering team investing in skills related to the design of critical and complex electronic systems, embracing four areas of activity: Space, Transportation, Energy and Health. EVOLEO searches and promotes partnerships and networking with centers of knowledge and industry players, in line with its mission of providing high-end and differentiated electronic engineering solutions, seeking continuous improvement, flexibility, quality and customer oriented innovation. We aim international recognition as a technological company for leveraging partnerships, added value enhancement and sustainable growth.


GECAD “Intelligent Energy Systems Laboratory (LASIE)” is fully equipped including a GECAD – Knowledge Engineering and Decision-Support Research Center is the largest R&D unit of ISEP. GECAD includes over 85 researchers with more than 30 PhD researchers, and is coordinated by Prof. Zita Vale. It is the research group with the highest number of scientific publications indexed by the Science Citation Index (SCI). Considering only indexed international journals on the shortlist of SCI, 62 papers were published in 2012 and 55 in 2013. In both years, over 70% of all articles indexed in SCI shortlist match magazines quartile Q1 or Q2.

GECAD excellence area is the application of artificial intelligence, optimization, and decision-support techniques to engineering problems, with emphasis on power and energy system applications. GECAD developed relevant work and tools for network operation optimization, electricity markets and smart grids multi-agent simulators, players modeling and strategic behavior definition, distributed generation, virtual power players, demand response, load profiling and electrical vehicles. Research work focus on the application of Knowledge based systems, Multi-agent systems, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Meta-heuristics, Optimization, algorithms for distributed resources Planning, Constraint Logic Programming and Knowledge Discovery Techniques.