Innovative CONsumer aggregation to improve demand response and Tariff design for Energy and Services Transactions


  • The CONTEST team will participated in the IEEE Smart Grid Com conference (link). This is a very relevant forum in the smart grid field, making this participation a great opportunity to disseminate the project results. One paper will be presented as a result of CONTEST.


  • The first CONTEST workshop was held in January 24th 2018, in Porto, with the theme “Intelligent load management in local and wholesale demand response markets”. Putting together the CONTEST partners, a large public session has been organized in the scope of the workshop (link).


  • ISEP/GECAD participated in the 16th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in Toledo, Spain in June 2018 in the scope of CONTEST project presenting two articles.


  • ISEP/GECAD participated in the 20th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSSC 2018) between 11th-15th in Dublin, Ireland presenting one article in the scope of CONTEST.