Innovative CONsumer aggregation to improve demand response and Tariff design for Energy and Services Transactions


WP1Organization and management (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Will ensure the effective coordination of the project, ensuring that the objectives are achieved within the budget and the time schedule using the available resources effectively. The project management, quality assurance and progress reporting and financial management are the main tasks of this WP.

WP2Problem and strategic vision (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Focuses on the CONTEST smart grid vision (identification of players, roles, interactions, opportunities, etc.) and on the requirements for its effective implementation (considering both regulatory and technologic constraints, assuming diverse scenarios for regulatory and technologic infrastructure evolution).

WP3Business models for energy transactions and services provision (VPS; Energaia; ISEP)
Explores alternative business models for the efficient use of distributed energy resources in local energy communities, considering the interaction with wholesale electricity market. WP3 conceives the required business models and market structures and creates a service oriented view for the facilitation of small players’ engagement in transactive electricity market.

WP4Methods for aggregation of consumers and resources (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Conceives and develops the required tools to enable the adequate consumer and resources aggregation. Objectives are: Define adequate consumer aggregation approaches for the aggregator activity; Select the relevant clustering methods to support aggregation; Predict energy demand profiles.

WP5Remuneration and tariffs (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Develops the required models and methods to enable the adequate demand response and distributed energy resources remuneration. It addresses the tariffs for the remuneration concerning the aggregator operation and the methods required for the services that should be provided by the aggregators to the aggregated players.

WP6Laboratorial simulation and result analysis (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Undertakes intensive and realistic simulation studies to test and validate the models and methods resulting from the project. An advanced simulation platform developed by ISEP will be used as the basis to integrate the models and methods developed in WP3, WP4 and WP5. Real and realistic case studies and scenarios will be defined.

WP7Communication and dissemination (ISEP; Energaia; VPS)
Is devoted to the project communication and dissemination activities creating visibility of the project objectives and of the achieved results. WP7 will ensure that the knowledge and results created in the project are disseminated to the appropriate target audiences (scientific community, industry, the general public, and other relevant stakeholders).