Multi-Agent Systems SemantiC Interoperability for simulation and dEcision supporT in
complex energY systems

MAS-Society conceives a society of multi-agent systems for simulation and decision support in power and energy systems. An ontology based knowledge model is conceived and developed in order to represent the domain concepts and provide the means for supporting the communication between the several considered systems, applications and services. Understanding the same language enables them to register in a registration and search platform developed in the project, and therefore be used and controlled by different agents, and communicate and interact with distinct systems and applications. Moreover, advanced context-aware decision support models and methods are developed, based on a strong artificial intelligence approach, in order to enhance players? outcomes from their participation in this sector. The multi-agent systems society is integrated with a laboratorial simulation and emulation infrastructure, enabling the realistic test and validation of the project results.

Start Date: 26th July 2018 Duration: 36 Months

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